Fear is a very familiar feeling and a persistent cause of suffering.

It can reveal more than we want to admit about our daily routine.

For me, fear is always present when I experience certain situations, mainly about the important ones. I have noticed a growing awe after my efforts to building a bond. Scares me, simply by thought about the responses and receptivity involved on it. But what makes me fear?

We live in a harsh world, be able to build anything is almost unthinkable. All the process are complicated, every situation requires lots of efforts. The entire context is permeable by enormous differences.

Then, the situation gets disproportional, oversized. We start to relate to a few amount of options. When you have less, any loss hurts more.

Try to restring your possibilities, and you will see it, how it can be challenging and each situation gains more importance.

Fear is a way to arrest us. It makes no sense because it is a condition. Fear is also frequent since we need to accomplish many social demands. Causes fears if we can not do it.

Fear shows, as well, a tendency to avoid. To avoiding cope with unpleasant and punitive situations. It is not easy to deal with fear, it composes crucial aspects of our society, in some way they are inseparable.

We can just feel it and be conscious of it, trying to reduce its importance with kindness and new pleasant activities.


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