Sometimes is difficult to fill your day. It is hard because our expectations are composing the majority of our life. Instead of having or trying to have a real purpose, for example.

It is terrifying being entirely influenced by our anticipations.

Our expectations have been complying an important role in our life; they fill the huge lack of sense and purpose of our routine. We usually try to accomplish it as a way to have a purpose.

It is difficult to fill your day when it establishes recurrent conflicts in your life. When you need to do it to feel well. Our attempts to fill our routines represents the cruelty side of our aspirations. It represents only our struggles to make sense.

It is hard to feel related to these expectations if you need it to go through your day.

We need to be aware of these types of expectations.

I am grateful by my routine and by the continuous improvements occurred by my efforts, but I need to admit how hard these aspects are.


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