Why is so difficult to changing our lives?

It is a very complex question but is possible to point some causes. Frist, we can think about our experiences and is crucial analyze how restricted in our own world we have been. A few amount of experiences can determine our persistence in the same condition, in the same limited environment.

We need to value new experiences, and at the same time, we should learn to calculate its consequences and what it can propitiate to us.

I am nothing talking about of doing it with a severe rigor but being aware of these perceptions. We never must restrict our perceptions of the world, of the life, of our life.

One second cause is, we can not dream the other's dreams or the other's life. It is a beautiful fact of life. When we try to do it, we immediately lost our interest and our life gets mealiness.

Then, we should put our efforts in creating and managing our interests and inner desires. We continuously need to expand our perceptions about what live a valued life mean. We need ways increase our amount of experiences.

Obvious it is not so simple but developing one conscious settled on expanding ourselves allow our progress. Fastly or slowly but progress.

It is a question of changing our perceptions. Changing our mindset to a logical resolution. "Our efforts make who we are."


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