We live in a complex world. Our lives are full of responsibilities, expectations and, especially pressures. We are always worried, we are frequently putting ourselves under an overstate of obligations.

A life based on obligations and, responsibilities, has turned us less receptive to create limits against it. We accept it without defense.

One possible consequence of a life composed of pressures is our lack of relations and, connections. Then, we have an increase of anxiety and, at the same time, we become more exigent about our affective bonds.


Because we begin to demand more of all our relations trying to compensate our excess of obligations and, responsibilities, while these both aspects results in our lack of relationships.

Only a perfect feeling of acceptance could bring some relief to ourselves. Only a total acceptance can calm down our hearts. But we never will reach the complete acceptance required by the pressure responsibilized life we live into because it is an idealization. It is only our desire to feel relieved.

We need urgent reducing the pressure and, start to be more comprehensive with each other. We need to have more compassion for each other.


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