Why we need to have compassion for ourselves?

When we are worried or when we blame ourselves or even when we are tough with ourselves, we start to struggle, we become overwhelmed, and it costs to us an incredible amount of energy.

When we start a laborious process of guilt against us, we are starting a fight against ourselves and then, we feel sad or depressed, immediately.

These hard feelings fire our internal alarm of attention, and it makes us stressed, alert and concerned about our problems. In other words, we begin to suffer because of our thoughts.

But when we have compassion for ourselves, we do not struggle, and our internal alarm of attention is not awakened, activated.

Having compassion is understood us, our faults without blaming. Having compassion is understood our limitations, our lack of information in the past when we did our best. Having compassion is recognize our capability of commit mistakes without blaming ourselves. Having compassion is treat ourselves with care, carefully. Having compassion is understood we do not have all the answers. Having compassion is understood that people are not in our disposition.

Only when we have compassion, we can stop the huge and painful process of guilt, shame, and embarrassment against us.

You should start having compassion now!


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