Are we prisoners of our own desires? Or even, are we hostages of it?

Usually, when we face a desirable body, personality, intelligence or any tempting characteristic, we tend to crave for it, automatically.

We feel our energy drained by it.

People tend to believe and act as if the desire determine their will of power. As if we are defenseless against it. It can become a significant form of struggle, and also we can feel overwhelmed by it.

We never should act against our desires or avoid it. The desire is a natural part of our nature, and if we ask ourselves, a huge aspect of it has been determined by our culture.

If we think independently, by ourselves, if we question ourselves, we can start to developing our own criterion to desire and then act in according to it. With time, we will feel less conflict related to it because from our desire will be required the accomplish of our criteria.

When we become an adult or when we have our experiences increased by our past and current environments and relationships, then our desires turn to be managed by it.

Every day, we can think and set new ways to desire a better relationship with the world.


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