Having compassion, it is a crucial way to stop struggling with our emotions, and our thoughts.

I want to make a distinction between have compassion and feel sorry for the people's lives.

When we have compassion, we put ourselves in other people's place. We do not criticize, and we do not use a preconception to analyze their lives. Instead of doing it, we try to imagine why they are acting in the ways how they act. What experiences composes their lives, and how it have been influencing them. We become the other person, then, we can start to have compassion for its story.

When we feel sorry, we are attached with our misconceptions, and we use it to explain the people's lives, without understanding it.

Even if we are trying to comprehend the life from someone who hurts us, we need to have the same compassion. It is only a question of experiences and how we have been able to manage it. For many reasons, some people never had real experiences or never learned the importance of do not cause intentional pain.

It is never too late to have a respectful conscious.


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