Okja is an agreeable movie, mainly because of Mija (Seo-Hyun Ahn). Her interpretation and interaction with Okja (a large animal) make the film sensitive.

But, when it starts to show the implications related to the human behaviors, it lost its magic. The movie should be focusing on the positive aspects of the relationship between Mija and Okja, creating an empathic feeling among us and the animals.

The negative aspects of the industry and the capitalism seem to be represented in a superficial and inefficient form. Inefficient because it appears do not clearly expose a solution or one real perception to a huge problem as it is, the problem of the information and the sensibility about the animals. The owner's of the industry looks to have more importance than it, they almost became the center of the movie in a caricatural empty way.

Change the mentality of our society, it will require much from us, as a culture. The movie should be involving us about the importance of what we buy and about how the animals have been treated. But, the both aspects seem to have less importance because of the form of how the story was narrated.



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