Today, I got very disappointed with a person.

When it happens, we feel sad, worthless, and angry. It is depressing. When we become frustrated with an individual, we want to stay isolated, we want to not speak with someone else.

It is common to feel hopeless about people.

If we think deeply about it, we can also see it as an opportunity. We can see it as an opportunity to express our egoism.

Egoism is not a valuable characteristic in our society, then, we avoid to show it. We also avoid to even consider it. To us give is always the path, we usually give more, and more. We have been giving for so much. Until we feel empty about it.

When people disappoint us, we can feel free. It can be a chance to establish limits, to think about us. To stop to idealize people and their acts. We can feel free about being less naive.

We need to define our personal criteria about giving, about to feel affection and esteem about people. When we express our egoism we can concentrate on ourselves, we can focus on the important aspects of our life. On the acts of people.

Express our egoism, it is an opportunity of rethink our behavior.

I am nothing talking about being vengeful, I am talking about me, or you. About our priorities, about what we want.

What we want?


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