When we thought about friendships/relationships, we automatically think about natural moments of happy, when it can be exactly the opposite of it.

Naively, relationships are often portrayed as uncomplicated, or spontaneous. When, in general, it is complex. It usually requires much energy from us. It is also a frequent cause of emotional instability, misunderstands and anguish.

In our society the development of intimacy is complicated, it needs time, efforts and patience. It is unpredictable, almost accidentally.

Friendships/relationships, in general, are uncommon.

The sadness and disappointments involved in it can make us feel hopeless or can establish an avoidance about developing it.

Rejection or the lacks of compatibility are hard to deal, but we need to play an ambiguous role in this case. We should not avoid it at any cost because it can take much more from us, we can feel unhappy or isolated.

We can always improve our abilities to deal with people, improving our own knowledge about ourselves.

By my own experience, I believe that friendships/relationships are unexpected, it is also a common cause of suffering.

It is not exactly about the people and the qualities that we value, it is more about respect and the people who stay around us.

We usually, idealize these themes, but our lives show different aspects of it. I have been noticing in myself an increase in the resistance of starting new friendships/relationships.


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