One of the most extraordinary abilities that we need to develop is our capability to stay focused. Focus cannot be confused with repetition or even with insistence. The ability of focusing is analogue to the capacity of being aware of our needs.

Having focus means to be able of extract pleaser and the meaning from our daily activities. Pleaser and meaning are two central aspects of our mental health.

Focusing is the notion of switching between the multiplicity of our interests to supply our demands.

When we attach to one, or to a few amount of activities, inevitable, we will create a dependency or an obsessive behaviour. Then, we need to be aware to see the possibilities of each of our interactions.

If we insistently repeat the same behaviour, soon we will feel depressed and impotent.

We need to increase our ability to provide ourselves with multiple sources of pleaser and meaning and more important, we need to understand the limitations of each one of them.


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