I was visiting the Alexandra Instagram when I've seen the topic: "10 facts about me." Then, I decide to answer it.

1. I usually think about all the situations and about all circumstances of some specific events, repeated times. In certain circumstances, it can be useful, but generally, it is overwhelming.

2. My three favorite tv shows are: "In Treatment (HBO)", "Tell Me You Love Me (HBO)" and, "House M.D. (FOX)"

3. All the time, I am thinking about how to improve myself, how to be a better person.

4. I usually pay much attention when people are giving me an advice.

5. I rather listen to an entire album than its separate songs.

6. My favorite book is: "Malone Dies" by Samuel Beckett.

7. I want to become a lawyer.

8. I am very worried about the people around me. I feel great when I can be helpful to them.

9. Every day, I read 3 different newspapers and once for a week, I read 3 magazines. I crave for information.

10. My 3 favorite subjects are: "Buddhism", "Psychology", and "Philosophy"


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