Goodnight Mommy is an excellent mystery movie, it also contains supernatural elements. The film is entertaining and questioning, without boring or tiring the spectator.

My analysis (with spoilers):

The story of the movie talks about freedom, it talks about how we can establish a tyranny exigency when we are dealing with expectations related to people who we love.

The mother of the two boys are imprisoned by their expectations, they need that she behaves in the exact way that they expect, and when it does not happen, they start to act like torturers.

How we respond when people contradict our emotional needs?

The scene of the mother going into the forest is revelating. It reveals how free she wants to be. She takes her clothes off, and leave the exigencies of her children.

The end of the movie tells us about how our environment put pressure on ourselves, and it means our adequacy to it, instead of our liberty from it.




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