The problem:

I have been putting myself in an arduous routine. It makes me feel unstable and insufficient. Next month, I will be integrating into it two more exigences, two more disciplines to study.

Since I have started it, I am feeling pressed.

For example, now I am wondering if I will be able to put my best on these two subjects. Putting my best means try harder, when I am tired and insecure.

It is not easy to manage it.

My strategy to cope with it:

I have been thinking about what it will cost me and for so long. Stablishing it, I could determinate that it is a temporary condition. It will require from me 2 or 3 years.

And I always can rethink it, by setting new measurable goals.

I still pondering how I can deal with the hard aspects of it, with the stress that it is causing me. I shouldn't stop to do the fun activities of my routine.

And yes, I need to stop of attempting myself into unnecessary and stressful paths, being less insistent.

Also, I need to do it having compassion for myself.


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