Nowadays, we want to accomplish our desires immediately. The immediate aspect of it is a result of our lives.

Usually, we are living a very restricted life. It is hard to find out a connection with the world, the society, the people, etc.

Then, we begin to truly believe that there are only a few ways to establish a value, a connection. Between these feel possibilities of connection resides the immediatism.


Because we think it is the only way. Because we assume that only by achieving the social demands we will feel that we are enough to have a connection, a valued life.

We live a life where there are a few amount of characteristics that are esteemed.

For us to become a legit member of the world, require from us to have been succeeding these few aspects. But it creates a huge lack of connection into our lives. Perform these aspects demands time, information and stability, when stability demands a connection with the world.

The immediatism composes our desperate to live a plenty life, to live an entire life. A life-based in our potential.


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