Our perception of time can be a huge source of suffering. The idea and the present thoughts attempting to the urges of our lack of control over it, it also can be terrifying.

Time has become our personal commodity, and it implies directly in our own worth.

Usually, we feel anguished about the notion of wasting time, and about an inefficient daily routine. Even if it is an abstract idea or worst an social convention that we have been insisting in pursue.

Rather than think in this restricted form, we should be thinking about the necessary time to ourselves respond to the challenges of our lives. Instead of continuously struggle with the perception of time wasted, we should reflect on the necessary path, about the necessary amount of time to accomplish what we want, and it presumes time lost as well.

Our disconformity about the current time is also leading ourselves into our future achievements, our time wasted is part of our accomplishments.


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