The problem:

I have been dealing with challenging people and doing it makes me feel exhausted. When you need to deal with it, your body anticipates stress, developing a painful system. When you need to monitor people, it is constantly.

And it is only one aspect of life. There are challenges and more challenges, each day.

My strategy to cope with it:

I am trying to developing compassion for everyone around me, focusing on the qualities and on the positive aspects of them. I am also trying to observe their lives, creating empathy for their struggles.

As a metaphor, I like to think that life is similar to climbing a mountain, or several mountains. In some of them, I am starting to see its top. There are ones that I am only beginning.

Patience is the key when you cannot change your environment, and also you can learn from it, turning pain to purpose.

But our bodies have limitations. We need to rest, we need pleasure, we need affection, we need attention, we need care, etc. All these aspects should start by ourselves, we can offer to us at least some of them, dedicating time to and thinking about our needs.

When the situations are extremely hard, we can think about take a break or ask for help.


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