Girls is a tv show that deconstructs stereotypes about the woman. These girls are close to the real-life problems. They need to deal with their careers, with their emotions, with their relationships and also with their own lives.

An essential point of the tv show is how their bodies are retracted. Instead of showing stereotypes, the tv show shows natural bodies. Nudity is also common. These group of girls is not special only by being girls. None of the woman aspects establish it per si during the show.

Maybe, as negative aspects I could define, the substantial sentimental volatility, the poor relationships choices of her and the low control about their careers. These girls have no control, they are not aware of their options, at all.

They are only living without a plan, without goals. Even if they are in transition to the adult life, the hard times does not mean maturity still. Man is also a problem, they are stereotyped continuously by sexuality, power or by a significant lack or porpoise.

Girls can show to us a life composed of real issues, and it can represent a relief to our expectations about it. These naked girls are struggling to make sense of it when their experiences are not enough yet. When they are growing as a person.



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