I felt lonely during several times of the current year. The year not ended yet, but now, I expect no longer feel that way again.

I believe that my misinterpretation of friendships caused these loneliness feelings. I was expecting receive from it, much more than it is possible. I was waiting for receive meaning and purpose.

First, when you are craving for it, you can start a huge struggle process. Friendships can involve natural situations, but when you need to put many efforts on it, it becomes tiring or even frustrating. When you notice, you are involved in sad feelings.

People and company are incapable of providing our essential needs. We need to develop the ability to introduce into our lives topics as the impermanence, insufficiency and the uncertainty. No one can provide our lives with the meaning we need. Meaning is our relationship with our values, and it is not related to one person. Meaning is abstract, is a path.

Even the establishment of meaning is impermanent, insufficient and uncertain. Every day we are a new individual, we are continuously changing.

You can ask, what is permanent?

Having in mind our relationships, I can affirm that it is impermanent, insufficient and uncertain. By our experiences, everything known is, as well.

Then, accept it is comforting. All our struggles and suffers derives from deny it.

I feel happy only by seeing some people, but I do not expect that these people will fill up my soul.

What can we expect from people?

It is simple, and it will be related to the situation. If we are into a school room, we can expect help in determined activity. If we are building a family or a group, we can expect a friendly response, but it is not the answer of our lives.

The uncertainties are a part of ourselves, a part of our relationships. It is nothing beyond it.


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