The problem:

We live in a very competitive and judgemental society. We need to deal with high levels of pressure. In certain circumstances, I ask myself, how we reach this point?

We are consistently rated by numbers, opinions. All our behaves are analyzed, every aspect of life is problematized.

Living a measurable life is tiring.

Our lives become a rant process.

My strategy to cope with it:

I understand how these ways of behaving have a place in our world, yet it is exhausting.

I have been thinking, asking myself when, where and how these feelings appear? Generally, it came up when I am tired, after a hard day. Then, it can be normal to feel that way in these days.

Also, I can avoid reaching my limits because it does not whort it. Another step is trying doing not the activities because of others. I need my time, I need my own motivations.

And the hardest aspect of it, I need to resist to my fears, elaborating efficient strategies to deal or to reduce it. It is not a case to expose myself to it, but to solve the situations and to do it, I can think in many different ways, choosing the less scariest one.


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