Yesterday, I was talking with a person. Today, I was trying to remember all the topics that we talked about. It seems natural to remember of it, but what I discovered is that we focus and restrict our attention in a few number of themes.

Today, I reconstructed our interaction, and only now I could put attention in other topics of our conversation.

It is interesting how we establish the themes that we will worry about. Analysing it now, I should be giving attention to more items when I was only remembering and focusing on 1 or 2 topics.

I remember the 2 more important ones, the other subjects are general ideas about her, about her struggles, emotional issues, some personal difficulties, conflicts with her family, work and career problems, etc.

I know that I could not remember everything that she said, but it is a great exercise. By doing it, I am feeling more close to her, I also avoid to restrict my opinion about her.

Now, I have much more information about many more topics.

I am feeling more closely and related with her problems. It seems we have much more in common.


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