We use to hide our emotions and feelings behind images, behind our material goods, behind our social life, behind our career, etc. Then, we fantasy an inexistent social composition.

We fear to expose our insecurities, our doubts, our desires, etc. We fear it because it can be ridiculed. When we restrict our expression, we feel less comfortable to accept some feelings. We feel less capable of feeling related to it.

Socially, we have been facing a huge loss because there are fewer opinions around us.

When we share our feelings, we are able to analyze it, to understand it. It becomes natural, we do not feel ashamed or guilty. Again, sharing it can make we feel well because we can feel compassion for the people who feel the same and for ourselves.

Seeing it as a natural human quality makes us release our avoidance to stop it. Then, we can end our battle against it, allowing ourselves to feel empathy.

I am nothing saying that you should share your feelings with anyone, you need to feel secure doing it. I am just saying that it is normal, that it can benefit us and that avoid it can be cruel to yourself.


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