Generally, we try to fill up the instability of our lives searching for affection, relationships, power, attention, friends, etc. When all these aspects can instead of it, bring us more pain and sadness. All these aspects can disappoint us. It can really disappoint us.

I am not saying that you should be isolated or feel isolated.

We need people, but only observing they we can provide our needs. We shouldn't expect that people can fill our souls. Anything can do it!

We need to start to think about impermanence, insufficiency, and inconstancy of everything.

It is natural, and if we attempt to analyze how inefficient is try to avoid it, we will see it more clearly. How many times you put your soul to accomplish something to then feel empty?

I am only saying to establish a real relationship with yourself, with reality.

We will still be feeling sad sometimes, but less sad.

We need to admit to ourselves these limitations. It is scary, but we can do it step by step.


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