We live in a very competitive society. Even our hobbies are composed of it. We try to defeat our colleges, our friends, our family. Our looking for approval grows every day.

Our routines are full of pressure, and all of us want to be valued for our accomplishments. Make mistakes are badly seen, and our actions have been guided by guilty. There is not enough amount of achievements capable of appeasing ourselves.

Inffortunally, the intensity of it will not end or reduces its occurrence.

We always can be aware of its negative side, of how we struggle and suffer trying to perform it all the time. We also can stop of establishing competition as a necessary aspect of our relationships or even like as a premise of the value of others.

Developing specific abilities requires from us time and patience. We need to understand it. If we need to conquer a high efficiency in certain activities, we will need to have stamina.

Competition and how people see us do not define ourselves, but our strength to be our best self.


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