When I started to listen to an album, for me it is similar to a talk with a friend. I want to understand each aspect of it, and also I will stay thinking about it for a long time.

My list of 2017:

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'Skeleton Tree'

I called out, I called out
Right across the sea
But the echo comes back empty
And nothing is for free

It is an album about loss, and about the anguishes of life.

London Grammar - 'Truth Is a Beautiful Thing'

Well I never prayed but tonight I'm on my knees, yeah
I need to hear some sounds that recognizes pain in me, yeah

I let the melody shine let it cleanse my mind I feel free now

It is interesting to listen to people with similar age, talking about our contemporary problems. The voice of Hannah is beautiful, it always calms me down.

Pascal Pinon - 'Twosomeness'

These last days you’ve lost the count of lines that you have crossed
When searching for a solid ground, but in this world you’re lost
You want to cry but there are no tears cause you know how silly it would be
The good and bad things are slowly beginning to make a little sense

It is a pleasure to think about the lyrics of it. I always feel hope listening to it.

Nirvana - 'MTV Unplugged In New York'

I can't see the end of me
My whole expanse I cannot see
I formulate infinity

Stored deep inside me

When I want to feel related to the anguishes of life.

Radiohead - 'A Moon Shaped Pool'

They never learn
They never learn
Beyond the point
Of no return
Of no return

Another album about loss, and about hope.


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