Knowing the structure of composition of an album, it is possible to relate to it in many ways. I like to use it to think about some problems, to feel motivated, and to extract some pleaser. It works until I have totally exhausted it.

Sia - 'This Is Acting'

You can't trust your head
When you're standing on the edge

It is an album dense. It is composed of several emotional issues and Sia sings it with deep emotion.

Marilyn Manson - 'The Pale Emperor'

You're a paper doll
I fold you how I want
You're not my news

I believe that this album can bring awareness about our autonomy and about how we think about it. It also talks about aspects of human nature, deconstructing it.

Lana Del Rey - 'Lust For Life'

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sick of it
Lead me, baby
Come on, come on
Come on, come on

Here, we have a theme and an atmosphere. The album is a mix of emotions. I like how it has been exposed to between all lyrics. It seems real.

Nirvana - 'Nirvana'

I need an easy friend
I do, with an ear to lend
I don't think you fit this shoe

To think about the hard aspects of our life.

Amy Winehouse - 'The Collection'

Now how can he have her heart
When it got stole
So he tries to pacify her
'Cuz what's inside her never dies

These sad songs show to us that life is more complex than a romance.


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